Hi! I'm sabrina.
Just trying to live life as Authentically as I can in a world filled with influencers.

I’m a firm believer that we are all awkward. We've all been there, feeling a bit unsure of ourselves and not quite knowing what to do with our hands. For me, my brand of awkward means rambling, over-explaining to ensure my point gets across, and making facial expressions I didn't even realize I was making, followed by a swift panic to overcorrect. I promise I will wholeheartedly show up with my awkward ass as long as you show up with yours.

Because here's the thing – I also believe our quirks and imperfections are what make us unique. And isn't that what you're really looking for when you search for a photographer? Someone who sees you for who you truly are and captures your story authentically, quirks included?

I have these conversations with my therapy clients all the time – be yourself, and the world will adjust around you. It's the same philosophy here. I'll be me, and if we click, fantastic. If not, no hard feelings. 

But if we do click? Get ready for some fucking magic. And I'm not talking about the cookie-cutter shit you see on Instagram – I'm talking about YOUR magic, captured in all its authenticity. So let's embrace our awkwardness, be true to ourselves, and create something truly extraordinary together.

My greatest Joys

Let me share with you a love story that started with a near-miss on Tinder and blossomed into something beyond my wildest dreams. The short version? I met my wife on Tinder, and almost exactly two months later, we had our first date. I know, you're probably thinking, "Wait, don't lesbians get married on the second date?" Well, My wife was a terrible texter, and with her night shifts, our messages were sporadic at best. It took a bit of a nudge from me to finally set that first date, a move that I later realized might have been a tad forward. But rather than vanish into thin air, we had our first date.

Countless adventures followed – from a travel trailer escapade that didn't quite go as planned to our intimate elopement, welcoming two babies and two dogs into our lives, buying a house, and embarking on even more adventures. And here we are, my heart overflowing with the greatest joys I could have ever imagined.

One of the reasons I'm so passionate about photography is because I understand the value of capturing life's most precious moments – the ones that pass in the blink of an eye. Life is fleeting, and I never want to forget any of it. That's where photography comes in. It's a way to freeze time, to preserve memories, and to ensure that they're cherished for generations to come. Being able to give that gift to others brings me immense joy.

My Love for Photography

My love for photography began with lesson in loss. When I was about twelve my parents lost everything due to financial struggles. Among the wreckage were the tangible memories of my childhood: cherished photos, handmade blankets from my grandmother, and the whimsical drawings from kindergarten. The weight of that loss still lingers, shaping how I treasure every moment and keepsake.

Since then I was obsessed with capturing moments and preserving tokens of sentimentality. AI have a box filled with high school photographs that serves as a testament to my journey, each image a vivid reminder of the person I once was. Even the finding the simplest snapshots on my phone for this page can transport me back to the early days of falling in love with my wife, stirring emotions that are as palpable as ever.

I believe everyone deserves the chance to have a box full of memories to pass down to their grandchildren.

Fun Facts

  • I've done photography professionally for 7 years but have played with cameras since I can remember.
  • I love cooking and baking, especially for my loved ones.
  • Sourdough is the best.
  • Friends is the best sitcom. Ever. 
  • Tacos, chips + salsa, & cereal are my favorite foods.
  • I run two businesses, this one and my private practice as a Therapist.
  • On my first weekend trip with my wife a she took me camping in a national park, we made it our goal to visit all of them and we are still working on it.
  • Hunting trips have been my favorite adventures (even when I was a vegetarian) since I met my wife (ask me about the time we were stalked by wolves).
  • My favorite way to drink coffee is with a packet of hot cocoa.
  • Camping or backpacking are my favorite vacations
  • I'm really competitive and love me a good card/board game.