I've done photography professionally for 3 years but have been obsessed since I can remember (see more about my why).

Friends is the best sitcom. Ever. 

Tacos, pizza, & cereal are my favorite foods.

I run two businesses, this one and my private practice as a Therapist.

On my first weekend trip with my wife a she took me camping in a national park, we made it our goal to visit all of them and we are still working on it.

Parks & Rec all the way. IYKYK.

Hunting trips have been my favorite adventures since i met my wife (ask me about the time we were stalked by wolves).

My favorite way to drink coffee is with a packet of hot cocoa.

I'm pretty easy-going -- camping, breweries, hiking, and quality time with our people is how I live life. 

Hey, I'm Sabrina!
I'm a wedding & elopement photographer in Lake Tahoe!

Let's get acquainted!

I've been a wedding photographer for almost 3 years now.
I love to adventure! My idea of a good time is a backpacking trip, making a fire with friends and sharing laughs over beers and card games. I am a silly but compassionate human and I am ridiculously sentimental. That’s why I love photography so much because it makes moments last a lifetime. 

When I’m not photographing your memories, I am creating my own. I have a beautiful, compassionate wife and we have a silly and vivacious one year old, two dogs, and 10 chickens! We spend our time camping, hiking, and looking for the next adventure.

I was raised by my incredible grandparents who taught me what it means to work hard and be a good person. Ice cream and chips and salsa are my guilty pleasures and I will greet your dog before I even notice you’re there. I also work as a therapist as my day job, which gives me the flexibility to be here for your love story. 

adventures with my wife
dancing with my baby
her laugh
the smell of pine trees
card games
Games in general


(i like to win, sometimes to a fault )

(basically any good food)

Our daydreams:

Deep sea fishing in Phuket
Have 3 kiddos 2 more kiddos
Kayak with humpback whales in Alaska
Buy a house
Seek mindfulness in Japan
Backpackung in Scotland
Visit all the National Parks

Wonder what it's like to work with me?

what to expect

Hi there!

My favorite humans and some of our adventures!