In-Home Couples Session

Let’s talk about in-home sessions. They are so underrated and I think we should hype them up! 

Don’t get me wrong, I love beautiful landscape photos so much but there’s someone about being at home in your element that makes photos look so raw and unfiltered. 

Some in-home facts:

It can be whatever you want—steamy like these two or totally casual. Don’t force it. For our newborn in-home session I wore a slouchy nursing top and some leggings and Katie wore some cute joggers. We lounged around with our newest addition and I cherish those more than any other pivot is because it was exactly how we spend our time at home. 

You can do whatever you want—if you like to snuggle, let’s snuggle ( I mean, I won’t join you, I’ll just capture it). 

If you like to cook, cook together. 

If you want to make a date night with dinner, go for it. 

A lot of times people think “oh my house isn’t photogenic” or “what would be cute about eating dinner together.”

Think about it this way, your home is where you build your life together, it’s where you share some of your most intimate memories, imagine someone being able to capture beautiful portraits of some of those moments. It doesn’t matter if you’re not some fancy interior designer your home is your space and what could be better than that?

Let’s be honest here, not all of us are ready for in-home pictures like these and you don’t have to. But if you want to run around in undies, I’m here for it. I’m also here for a sweats movie night! TBH thats my personal vibe and what I would want photographed. I just hope this motivates you to dare to do something different for your memories, something other than the traditional mountain engagement shoot — even if it is in your jammies with hot cocoa and card games.

Check out the rest of this steamy in home session and imagine what you’d want to capture about your life together.

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