What To Expect


What To Expect

Photography on your wedding day should be just as wonderful as the day you envision. Investing in me is investing in just that. I work to give all my clients a custom experience. This means that I work closely with you to meet your needs for your most important moments. I don’t just show up with a camera, snap some posed pictures, and call it a day. I want to get to know you and your most important people. If that’s not what you’re looking for then we might not be the best fit but I encourage you to inquire anyway because it may be more than you ever imagined.

I’m here to hold your flowers and to fix your hair after we hike up to your elopement and I’m here to buffer those tough family members. Think of me as your second maid of honor with a camera ready to capture all the important moments and everything in between.

Our relationship starts with the first message through my contact page. I try to ask the best questions so I can give you the most information possible. I also really do want to get to know you because I do believe this is about a relationship and I want us to fit because that’s what you deserve. This is followed by my email or phone call back to talk about everything you’re looking for. We might even meet for coffee or a beer (which I highly recommend). I believe this should be a good fit for you. I was serious when I said I want us to be friends because I want you to feel so comfortable with the person behind the camera so you get the best experience possible.

Once you book your date and pay your retainer I am all yours! From there I work with you to create the best timeline for the day of your dreams and I check on you until the day of. If you do engagement pictures we get to hang out before your big day, which I like to start with a snack or a drink (especially if we having already).

On the day before/day of I am in contact with you and I help you manage your timeline throughout the day.

Depending on the time of year you’ll get sneak peeks within a couple days.

Weeks later, after the cake is cut and the flowers have died you’ll get to relive the day through your online gallery. And like any good friend, I’ll still be here if you ever need anything else.